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Ryan Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC
1201 Third Avenue, Suite 3400
Seattle, WA 98101-3034

Litigation & Disputes

Legal disputes don’t come neatly packaged. Fortunately, many can be settled before a lawsuit or other formal proceeding begins; others however, may require a trial for resolution. When a client comes to us with a dispute, we listen carefully to all the details. We then evaluate our client’s position and make recommendations for a resolution consistent with his or her goals. We take a practical, common sense approach to such matters, and explore all avenues possible to assist and better protect our clients.

Specific Experience


We focus on finding dispute-resolution options that protect rather than interfere with the activities of our clients. We have represented clients across the full range of disputes, including everything from contract and lease disputes to lawsuits involving product liability, anti-trust, non-compete arrangements, unfair business practices and intellectual property.

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Investment Fraud

We represent investors and members of the investing community in analyzing brokerage and financial advisory accounts to determine whether investment professionals have failed to fulfill their fiduciary duties to their client. We also represent investment advisors who have been inappropriately blamed for investor losses by their supervisors and represent them in regulatory proceedings brought by Federal, State and industry organizations.

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Estate Litigation

It has been said, ‘Where there is a Will’ there is someone to contest it. Sadly, the death of a family member often leads to disputes among those surviving. Sometimes conflict is the result of poor or no estate planning. Other times, deferred animosity between family members is all the rationale needed to embroil an estate in litigation. The fiduciary is often caught in the middle of these powerful dynamics with duties that may range from defending a Will or trust from contest to defending itself from claims of breach of fiduciary duty. Our firm has served as counsel in a myriad of estate disputes and has the substantive and procedural experience to guide the fiduciary through simple or complex litigation.

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Real Estate, Development & Finance

Real estate transactions, particularly large, complex ones, often breed disputes. We help individuals, developers, owners, landlords, lenders, buyers, sellers and condominium homeowners resolve disputes. We also represent clients in land use disputes.

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We provide personal tax and estate tax advice to individual business clients.

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For self-insured clients, we defend personal injury, property and employment-related claims. We also represent these clients in workers’ compensation matters before the Washington State Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals.

Intellectual Property

We represent clients in proceedings, both in court and administratively such as before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, to protect, defend and enforce their rights in intellectual property such as trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. We have litigated significant cases in state courts and in Federal Courts including ones in Utah, Washington, and Alaska.

Registered Investment Advisors

Registered Investment Advisors (“RIAs”) are often presented with many challenges when dealing with complex legal, regulatory and compliance issues. Ryan Swanson’s services for RIAs are focused on guiding you through these obstacles to solve problems that can impede your ability to service your clients effectively. We regularly provide legal services for a wide variety of RIAs and their clients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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