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Ryan Swanson’s asbestos litigation attorneys are frequently engaged as counsel in Seattle and throughout the Northwest for asbestos or other toxic exposure or products liability defense. Our team’s 20-plus years of asbestos litigation experience encompass a variety of products and industries, from automotive friction products to electrical products and equipment. We represent a variety of clients, including manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, premises owners and employers of all sizes.

The assistance of an experienced, local defense team with a thorough understanding of asbestos litigation is critical in any asbestos case. With our knowledge and experience in asbestos litigation, you will not waste time and money waiting for our team to get up-to-speed. We know the right questions to ask and know the issues specific to asbestos. Knowing what to look for enables us to work efficiently and effectively.

Accustomed to Working with Counsel

Large companies and law firms from other states often retain Ryan Swanson to serve as local counsel. Our asbestos attorneys are accustomed to collaborating with legal counsel, experts, professional consultants, and client management staff to identify potential challenges and resolve them.

Available Resources

Our asbestos attorney team represents a broad range of experience in a variety of asbestos matters. When a situation calls for immediate legal services, we have the ability to quickly pull together the appropriate resources to resolve the situation. When a more measured approach is necessary, we also understand not over-working a matter. Lead attorneys may call upon our trained paralegals to assist with legal matters as appropriate; this can also help reduce costs. However, an experienced lead attorney is always responsible for the work.

Knowledge of Asbestos

Understanding the nature and the key issues presented by asbestos litigation, including asbestos-related medicine, industrial hygiene and specific defenses available to each type of defendant, is important. Our team members each possess a strong awareness of the scientific and legal aspects of asbestos law. Asbestos clients need experienced counsel with a national perspective and on-the-ground knowledge of local laws. We have that knowledge and perspective.

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