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Can Obesity Alone be Considered a Disability in Washington State?

Published on March 10, 2016

A recent federal court ruling determined that under Washington law, obesity in and of itself, without any related condition or diagnosis that is connected to the obesity, was not a disability under Washington law.  Federal U.S. District Court Judge James Robart ruled that an employer’s request for medical examinations related to a prospective employee’s obesity was not disability discrimination under the Washington Law Against Discrimination where there was no evidence of any physiological condition related to the obesity.  A copy of the opinion is linked here.

Impact on Employers

Washington regulations reference many do’s and don’ts for pre-employment questions, but offer no guidance on acceptable questions and inquiries after a conditional offer of employment is made.  Post-offer inquiries can often give rise to disputes that can leave employers exposed to claims, government investigations, and even lengthy litigation.  If you or your company finds itself in a questionable situation of needing more information after a conditional offer of employment is extended, feel free to contact an attorney in the Employment Rights, Benefits and Labor Group at Ryan Swanson.


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