David H. Oswald

David H. Oswald

Senior Counsel


Dave has over 35 years of experience as a business and real estate attorney and has assisted with the acquisitions, leasing, sales, financing and development of properties for businesses and developers. He also helps real estate and business clients structure new businesses; create partnerships; raise capital through private placements; negotiate with tenants, other landowners, utilities and others; and buy, sell and liquidate.


Dave is passionate about fly fishing. Every year, he spends a week in Montana fly fishing with his son and has traveled to Alaska and the Caribbean to pursue fly fishing.

Dave’s been practicing in Seattle since 1970, when he joined Ryan Swanson right out of law school. Over the years, he’s worked on nearly every type of business and real estate transaction imaginable. He has worked with clients to renovate and redevelop the Union Station and Sears Warehouse facilities in Seattle and has worked on new shopping centers in King and Pierce counties.