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“Stay at Work” Program Offers Financial Incentives for Washington Employers with Injured Workers

Published on November 18, 2015

Advantages for Both Employers and Employees

Through the first three years of its inception, employers have been slow to sign up and take advantage of the benefits provided by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ “Stay at Work” program.  The “Stay at Work” program allows an injured worker to quickly return to work if the employer can identify a light-duty job that is approved by the attending health care provider for the injured employee.

We encourage Washington employers to review the program, which provides financial incentives and reimbursements to participating employers who reintegrate their injured workers for light-duty or transitional work.  Over a 24 month period, a qualified employer may be reimbursed for 50% of the base wage, up to 66 days and $10,000 per claim, for injured workers who are brought back to work.  Employers may also be reimbursed for costs associated with training, tools and clothing related to the light-duty or transitional work.  Additional employer benefits include:

  • reduced risk of re-injury while maintaining skills of injured worker
  • lower costs associated with hiring and training replacements
  • strengthening of the employer-employee relationship
  • reduction in the costs associated with lost time
  • keeps employee connected to the workplace and minimizes productivity loss
  • helps workers recover faster

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