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Trump Issues Proclamation to Deny Visas to Intending Immigrants Without Health Care

Published on 10/11/2019

President Trump signed a proclamation last week requiring intending immigrants to demonstrate that they will have health insurance coverage within 30 days of entering the country or the ability to pay for medical costs once they become permanent residents of the United States. The proclamation goes into effect on November 3, 2019.

Once the proclamation is implemented, individuals seeking immigrant visas will be asked by consular officers to demonstrate how they intend to be covered by an approved health insurance plan or program within 30 days of arriving into the U.S., or have “the financial resources to pay for reasonable foreseeable medical costs.” Approved health insurance coverage under the proclamation includes employer-sponsored plans, family members’ plans, catastrophic coverage, short-term coverage plans, and Medicare plans. Consular officers will deny an intending immigrant’s visa application if he or she is unable to prove one of the two criteria named above.

The proclamation will primarily impact immigrants seeking to join their families in the United States. The proclamation will not apply to refugees, asylum seekers, children of U.S. citizens living overseas, holders of special visas for Iraqi and Afghan nationals who helped U.S. forces in those countries or individuals who already hold immigrant visas. Individuals who obtain an immigrant visa prior to the November 3rd implementation date will not be required to prove medical coverage.

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