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Washington Fair Chance Act Signed Into Law

Published on March 20, 2018

Washington adopts “ban the box” – only otherwise qualified applicants can be asked about criminal background

Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the Washington Fair Chance Act, which extends “ban the box” protections to the state’s public and private employers (with some limited exceptions).

The law prohibits employers from inquiring orally, having any question on an application, or otherwise obtaining any information about applicant’s criminal record until after the employer initially determines the applicant is otherwise qualified for the job. In other words, employers may not obtain any information about an applicant’s criminal background until after the applicant has had an opportunity to show herself to be qualified.  Employers also may not advertise employment in a way to exclude people with criminal records such as by saying “no felons” or “no criminal record.” Washington is the 11th state to adopt background check reform.

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